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We work closely with our charity arm PTS in ensuring our corporate social responsibility is effective and reaches the people who need it the most.

The PTS initiative started as an idea by Thothaal, Sunstar and Payless group, seeing the plight of health and education in Pakistan. One often talks about these things but we decided to do something about this.

The consensus initially was to tackle the issue of child labour. A fund would be created, with the additional support of Mr. Ifthikhar Ahmed. Families would be identified in the home villages of the three associates and where a child was working to sustain the household income; they would pay the equivalent of that child’s salary and ensure the family sent them to school instead.

PTS would set up an agreement with the schools to monitor the attendance of the child. This system was due to be established last year, but the 2010 floods hit Pakistan and initiatives to rebuild villages were invested in straight away.

UKPCCI coordinated efforts with PTS to rebuild villages in the Charsada region, and subsequently the JCF Manzooray village. PTS are now looking for a delivery partner to run educational facilities across the region of Kashmir

This includes projects at local level and international charities. We have a broad spectrum of charitable interests, which reflects the diversity of London’s population.

These include the James Cann Foundation, which is building a working village in the Punjab in flood-affected areas, rebuilding community infrastructure and providing safe housing for displaced citizens.

We also support Islamic Relief, Cancer Research and Action for Children. Corporate Social Responsibility is a key element of what the Thothaal group stands for and we decided two years ago to structure our business model in such a way it would allow for an off flow of ‘gift aid’ format for charitable contributions to a range of organisations of our choice. This created a charity funds allowance and has become a strong vehicle for us to give back to society.

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