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Majed Ismail Chaudhry Managing Director Thothaal GroupMajed Chaudhry is very humble yet proud about his journey to success. At pace, he was able to launch a convenience store every three to four years since he started in the 1990’s.

In 2007 he opened his fourth store in Hackney, and ventured into a bigger project in Newham, converting derelict premises into a supermarket, with residential premises on top.

Mr. Chaudhry then launched his sixth store in 2009. Mr. Chaudhry’s team is not complete without the management support of his two nephews Asad Manzoor and Atif Hussain. Whilst Asad manages the operational side of business for Thothaal as Director, Atif who is a trained accountant manages the financial planning as a Director. Both began their association with Thothaal as summer interns, and after graduating joined the business full time.

Asad Manzoor and Atif Hussain, have built up Thothaals trade over the past ten years since finishing university. They are keen supporters of Thothaals expansion into Morocco and Pakistan and are constantly looking at aspects to add value to the Thothaal brand.

Mr. Chaudhry’s vision of success includes…”Sincerity with your work, with 100% effort and a strong belief system. Always striving to do the best you can and never usurping others. He says his favorite saying is ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and this is so true of personal success as well.

But he reiterates again and again that the community and friendship support he has experience has been phenomenal along his journey. Even amongst friends the healthy competition amongst convenience trade colleagues has always been a bonus.

Traders have always shared expertise, knowledge and encouraged progress. The backbone of Mr.Chaudhry’s achievement has also been his wife who has encouraged and supported his business ideas.

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